WeVideo Alternative 2022 – Davinci Resolve Video Editing Software

Here is the review of the WeVideo Alternative 2022 – Davinci Resolve to edit videos. 

Whether you are a video amateur or a full-time video shooter, you need a powerful free video editing software no watermark. Besides, most businesses are putting videos into content marketing strategies. Because high-quality videos can help them increase brand awareness and conversion rates. Therefore, whether you use Instagram snapshots, Facebook ads, or YouTube Channel, video editing software for beginners can easily make your brand videos look more professional.

As video becomes more and more popular in our daily life, many video editing software tools add advanced features. Besides, you can use these powerful functions easily in many easy video editor now, which can only be found in previous professional software.

When talking about simple and powerful video editor for beginnings, the first choice for many people must be We Video. Besides, WeVideo is an affordable, versatile, and cloud-based website. In addition to evaluating the WeVideo website, we pick out the very best free video editing software WeVideo Alternative no watermark – Davinci Resolve in this guide.

Part 1: WeVideo – Best Video editing software for beginnings

1. What is WeVideo?


WeVideo is a full-featured and cloud-based collaborative best video editing software for beginners. Also, the best video editing software provides users with online video processing services that meet beginners, professional editors, business, schools, and third-party media. This video editing software has the advantage of collaboration so that you can invite other people to make different edits on the same project. Besides, the best video editing software for beginners enables you to give full play to your imagination and creativity to create videos. Whether you are an experienced video editor or beginner, this free video editing software no watermark enables you to easily create stunning videos in just minutes.

2. Who uses We Video Alternative?

  • Business owners expand brand influence through video marketing
  • Teachers use video creation to attract students and cultivate creativity.
  • Vlogger makes and uploads a video blog to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • Video editing team work together to make a wonderful video.
  • Video amateurs make short stories to record life, such as outings, parties, speeches, concerts, and more.

3. What ate the key features of WeVideo?

  • Simple and Easy to use

We video editing software for beginners makes advanced video editing simpler with a user-friendly interface. The best video editor also makes video editing simple and fast by using The providing multiple video editing modes

  • Cloud-based Website

Cloud storage and cross-platform functions allow you to work anytime, anywhere. Besides, you can make different edits on the same footage with your friends well on any device including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and more.

  • Powerful Functions

The best free video editing software no watermark provides more advanced features. For example, it includes rich effects and audio assets, green screen, speed control, slow motion, music library, advanced text editing, social sharing, HD resolution, and more.

4. What are the advantages of We Video?

Easy and simple to use

Uploading photos/videos from Google Drive

Online Video Editor without downloading anything

5. What are the disadvantages of We Video?

The free plan only lets you publish 5 minutes of video a month

Pricing comes up only when you try exporting your work

No professional functions such as keyframe animation and color grading

6. What is the price of the WeVideo editor?

Basic Plan (Free): Publish time is 5 min/month, 1 GB Cloud storage, 480p Max video resolution

Power Plan ($4.99 yearly or $9.99 monthly): Publish 30 minutes per month, 720p HD Max video resolution, Motion titles, Greenscreen, Slow motion vertical and horizontal videos

Unlimited Plan$7.99 yearly or $15.99 monthly): Unlimited cloud storage, 4K Ultra HD video resolution, Unlimited publish time, unlimited functions

Professional plan ($17.99 yearly or $35.99 monthly): Above Unlimited Functions, set brand elements, expanded social marketing options

Business plan ($29.99 yearly or $59.99 monthly) Above Unlimited Functions, Create your own templates, Collaboration, and sharing tools


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Part 2: Davinci Resolve – Best WeVideo alternative to make a professional video

This part is the best alternative to the WeVideo free video editing software – Davinci Resolve that is most suitable and matches in terms of key benefits and features.

1. What is Davinci Resolve?


Davinci Resolve is a professional 8K video editing software with advanced color corrector and audio mixing and visual effects. So, the best free video editing software aims to keep your footage or images at as high a quality as possible. Also, the whole editing process of DaVinci Resolve WeVideo Alternative download is very smooth as the functionalities are easy to learn. Then, only one click to move between editing, color, effects, and audio. What’s more, like WeVideo, all people can work together on the same project at the same time. Furthermore, Davinci Resolve can be divided into free version software (Davinci Resolve 15 and Davinci Resolve 16) and commercial version software (DaVinci Resolve Studio).

2. Who uses Davinci Resolve – WeVideo Alternative?

  • Many artiest make high-quality audio and video, such as Colorists, VFX artists, and sound designers
  • Large collaboration team work together to make a professional video
  • Television Company make high-end post-production and Hollywood films, TV shows,
  • Enterprises produce professional marketing videos
  • Vlogger makes and uploads a video blog to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • Amateurs make short stories to record life

3. What are the key features of Davinci Resolve?

  • DaVinci Neural Engine for AI and deep learning
  • Precisely cut video details in frames
  • Share notes in collaboration workflows
  • Quickly review an entire timeline or clips with variable speed playback
  • Instantly render and share your project to popular online services
  • Mix and master projects in immersive 3D audio formats
  • Detect faces in your clips and automatically create bins based on the people in each shot.

4. What are the advantages of Davinci Resolve WeVideo Alternative?

Free plan with no limits or watermarks

Intuitive interface for most routine functions

Powerful functions of color grading and audio production

5. What are the disadvantages of Davinci Resolve WeVideo Alternative?

A powerful computer is needed for high-end graphics functions

The timeline and program panels are difficult to use

No direct export to social media

6. What is the price of the Davinci Resolve?

Davinci Resolve 15Free: The DaVinci Resolve 15 Download is available in 2018. Also, it includes the audio editing features Fairlight and some built-in Fusion visual effects.

Free Davinci Resolve 16Free: Davinci Resolve 16 Download is available in 2019. Also, it focuses on providing quick editing for users and machine learning to speed up video editing.

DaVinci Resolve Studio$299: DaVinci Resolve Studio supports many functions, such as ultra-high-definition, face tracking, video noise reduction, machine learning functions, and more.


Part 3: Why Davinci Resolve 16 is an alternative to We Video editing software?

As the best video editing software for beginners, WeVideo is a free online video editor with easy-to-use and simple operation interface. Therefore, we video online editing software only provides limited features, even the paid version. Besides, if you just want to easily edit a video anytime and anywhere without downloading anything, we recommend you use the WeVideo website – best free video editing software no watermark.

If you want to need to edit videos frequently or have high requirements for the features of video editing, we recommend you use Free Davinci Resolve 15 or Free Davinci Resolve 16, WeVideo Alternative. Because the free video editors hava many powerful features to make a professional video without paying anything. However, you need to download Davinci Resolve to your device. We also recommend you DaVinci Resolve Studio if you have a very high demand for video.

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Think about your video demand, your current level of expertise, and how much time you’re willing to devote to learning a new skill, and choose the one to edit a video. Whether you’re looking for the best video editing software for YouTube, or best free video editing software for teamwork, both can meet your needs.

Do not hesitate. Try WeVideo – best video editing software for beginners or Davinci Resolve – the best video editing software for professionals. Also, if you have more WeVideo alternative free video editing software, please leave us a message below. If you want to learn more about us, please go back to TopTen Review Homepage



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