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What is meme?

Meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture. Often, with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme. A meme carries cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be conveyed from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme.

Memes can be shared both on social media and word of mouth. Memes travel much faster than simple speech. Memes are now easily accessible via the internet since the internet email forwards, instant messages, and web page links. A meme is basically a message that is spread from person to person, in most cases it is a message highly targeted and spread by the user within a subculture. Videos, Pictures, Instagram Post, Tik-Tok Post, and many other examples can be a meme, but most especially branded pictures.

Memes that are shared on social media can be widely spread from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Linkedin, and many more. The majority of internet memes are passed on by teenagers and adults. There are many ways in which a meme can be shared, one is by uploading it on your social media page, for example; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tik Tok. Then it is shared or retweet to your followers. You say internet meme has just adjusted the form of sharing a short message or idea.

There are many categories of memes that we are fascinated by. There are memes categorized by most racist, funniest, natural disaster, sexiest and dirtiest, animal memes, and celebrity memes. And we have typical “internet memes” that feature internet trends.

Memes can be rude, cheeky, or racist, but it does not stop people from posting them on their pages or sharing on their social media. They feature people’s thoughts and experiences. Internet memes are wonder’s that probably will not disappear anytime soon. Memes are like a bridge that makes a connection between people who share the same interest.

Nowadays, people love to laugh about something together, which is why these memes are popular. They are active and connective. This is why memes spread across the internet like crazy and why memes are a popular phenomenon. The use of meme also created a platform of communication and interaction among users by allowing them to share their thoughts on everyday life, celebrity, news, trends, and events going on around them.

The question of why memes are popular can be answered in the same way as a question of why anything gets popular. People want to relate to other people through emotions such as happiness or sadness, and social media allows those connections to happen on a larger scale. As social media expands to more platforms, the number of memes seems to increase due to the amount of available exposure. Social media does not spread them necessarily, but social media has aided in their development. Memes, when non-offensive or hateful, can be a great way to connect people from all over the world. If social media is a way to bring people together, then memes are just one tool in that process.

The spread of internet memes will continue to be humorous and scandalous in some cases, and forever grab people’s attention quicker than any other social media feature. these memes are unstoppable and unforgettable.

With memes taking over popular culture, you may want to make a meme for yourself. By using a meme maker, you can do just that! Here is a look at the list of the best meme maker online options that you can use.

But before we jump into the list, let’s take a look at the difference between meme generator and meme maker?

Meme Generator is a free online image maker that allows you to add custom resizable text to images. It operates in HTML5 canvas, so your images are created instantly on your own device. Most commonly, people use the generator to add text captions to established memes, so technically it is more of a meme “captioner” than a meme maker. While meme maker is a free online image maker where you are given the freedom to make a meme using one’s own picture.

In this article we are going to focus on five main features of online meme makers. The layout of the meme maker, the template that the meme maker offer, the uploading feature, the editing features, and lastly the sharing feature.

Top Online Meme Generators 2022

  1. Kapwing

Kapwing is an online editor that has been used by many brands, influencers, artist to name a few. They provide, meme maker, video editor, picture editor, audio editor.

To use Kapwing it is highly recommended that you sign up to this online meme maker. If you are signed up for this online meme maker, you are allowed to save your work for the next seven days. To sign up for Kapwing is very easy since it is connected to Facebook and Google, or if you want to, you can use your own personal email.


Kapwing has an amazing layout, it is very clear, very self-explanatory, and does not confuse you at all. To start using kapwing is very simple, once you signed in, you will be directed to your workspace. Within the workspace, you will be offered many features like “studio”, “Video Editor”, “Subtitler”, “add audio”, and many more.

Since we are focusing on making memes in this article, we will start by clicking on “+New Project”. Once you click on it, a box will pop up, within the box you will be given three choices; “start with studio”, “use a specific tool”, and “choose a template”. To make a meme we can start by clicking on “use a specific tool”. Kapwing offers many tools within its service.

Click on the “meme generator” to start the meme-making. Now, not to confuse you with the name, kapwing as an online meme maker offers you two roles, as an online meme generator and as an online meme maker. You can either use the template that is given from this web or you can use your own picture. However, in this article we will be focusing on the meme maker function.

To utilize the meme maker function you can click on “get started”. And you will be given three choices once you clicked on it. “start with a blank canvas”, “upload your own image”, and lastly “try a sample”. Since you can use your own image with meme maker, You can upload your own image to this online meme maker, so we can click on “start with a blank canvas”.

Kapwing’s uploading image is pretty sufficient, though it does not integrate its uploading system to social media, it has its own image search box, that we assume it is connected to google image search. This gives you the abundance of source of the image from the internet that you can use for your meme. Or if you have your own picture, you can always upload it from your device by searching the file and add it or you can drag the file and drop it at the box that is given.

Editing features within this online meme maker is very sufficient. You can edit the output size of the meme you are making, such as; 1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, 5:4, or you can customize it yourself. Other features that we found unique is expanding the padding. This really gives you the character of making a meme.

Now after you upload your picture that you desire to the online meme maker, you can resize the image that you have to make the image fit to your taste. Once it is all fit to your taste, what you need to do is add a text to make the meme more alive. Adding text in Kapwing is very easy because you are allowed to play around with it. You can edit the font, the size, the color, and many more. You place your text anywhere within the image just by dragging the text anywhere you want.

Once you are satisfied with your image you can share your image with people. Kapwing offers you many ways of sharing the picture, you can download the image to your own device, you can share it right away to social media such as Facebook and Instagram, or you can always get the link and share it with your friends. The best part about this online meme maker is that it does not have a watermark so that the meme that you made looks clean.


  1. Iloveimg

Iloveimg is an online picture editor that has many functions that cater to your specific needs. Using this you can play with your creativity using pictures easily.

This online meme maker has a straight forward layout, once you are in the home page out, it layouts all the function that is available in this online picture editor. To use the meme maker tool, we can start by clicking on “meme generator”. Again, not to confuse you with the name, iloveimg offer you both functions, as a meme generator and as a meme maker. As a meme generator iloveimg has plenty of source of an established meme from the internet where you can just caption it by yourself. However, in this article we are going to focus on the meme maker function.

meme generator

As we mentioned before, the main difference of a meme maker and a meme generator is the image that we use to make a meme. Where meme generator tends to use an established meme while meme maker tends to use one’s own image to become a meme.

Uploading images in this online meme maker is pretty sophisticated. Its uploading system is integrated with big cloud services such as google drive and dropbox. Therefore, uploading image made easy with this technology, or you can always use an image that you have in your device, by clicking on the “upload” button, the file from your device will pop up.

Once you have your image ready, you can start making the meme that you desire. Unlike kapwing, this online meme maker will automatically put text on your image in a very meme format. Although it is all been presetting for the text, you can always change the text, since the text editing features is pretty up to the par. Such as changing the font, resizing the font, recoloring the font color, recoloring the shadow, and editing its opacity. Once you have added the text you desire, you can always rearrange the placement of the text by dragging the text by using your own cursor easily. If everything is in place. you can start generating the meme, or you can share the meme easily.

To share the meme that you have created, what you need to do is to click on “generate meme” and within seconds everything will be done. And with this online meme maker downloading your work is done automatically. Not only downloading you can as well, share it through the link, share it right away to your clouds services such as google drive and dropbox. With all this simplicity that this online meme maker has, made this as one of the best free online meme makers in the market.


  1. Spark adobe

Spark adobe is a part of the adobe product that can be used online easily and freely.

Just like its other product, spark adobe requires you to sign up to the adobe creative cloud account. We must admit, signing up for the creative cloud is not the easiest thing to do. You are not given many choices to sign up, unlike any other online editor where you can always use your Facebook or Google to log in, Spark adobe does not allow you to and you can only use your personal email to sign up. You will be asked much information and to reconfirm your email after you are done filling all the necessary information.

Once you have signed up perfectly. Just going to the home page, spark adobe will direct you to the home project, where all your project is stored here.  The layout of sparks adobe is very neat. Looks very elegant and very high-end. On functionality based, the layout helps you as the user to go around within this online meme maker.


Within the home page, there three sections that you want to pay attention to. First is how you want to tell the story. In this section, you are given the choice of the format of the content you want to use such as Instagram story, Instagram post, Facebook cover, collage, and many more. the next section is the template that the spark adobe offer, not only the template for a special occasion but the template for meme as well. Lastly the section for your last project that you can always come back to.

Unlike the first two online meme-makers above, where both have two functions as a meme generator and meme maker. Spark adobe focus solely on meme maker. To start creating your meme, you can click on “+ Create a project”. Once you click on it, you will see many options to begin with; such as “flyer”, “Instagram post”, “Facebook Cover”, “Collage”, “Web Page”, and many more. It has more functions than a Collage Maker. Since sharing pictures is mostly done in Instagram, we will click on “Instagram Post”.

After you click on the “Instagram Post”, you will be directed to the editing home page, where the meme creation is happening. To add image, you need to click on the “+” logo on the right side of the editor. Uploading image system within spark adobe is pretty sophisticated. Its uploading system is integrated into many big cloud services such as dropbox, google photos, and google drive. Not only it is connected to the cloud service, but also to a free image search box. (although it is not working so well when we try it). Lastly the upload button, the most conventional way to upload a picture to the online meme maker. All you need to do is to find the image that you want to upload and click “select”. Once you’ve selected the image, spark adobe will ask whether you want to “pin to background” or “move freely” this is how you want your picture placed. Since we are making the meme, we would recommend “move freely” so other pictures can be in place.

If the picture is uploaded, editing the picture within this online meme maker is so sophisticated, you can edit the opacity easily, you can flip it, and crop it. The best part for us is the shape crop. With shape cropping, made our job so much easier. Since this is an online meme maker, not an online meme generator, you can always add another picture on top of other pictures. Once you see your picture fit, to make your meme alive you need to add the perfect text to your meme.

Adding text in spark adobe is very interesting, not only you can type like usual but also you are given many templates of text for your pictures that look elegant. However, when it comes to the meme, the message is what is most important than the font. We would go from scratch. By clicking on “add your text” on the “start from scratch” box.

Spark adobe offers many text editing functions that would fit your needs. First, it has text type functions. Within this function, you can choose the font, align, the size, letter spacing, line spacing, opacity of the background, and lastly the order between the background and the wording. Afterward, you have the color function, this is where you can edit the color of your text and its background. Since it offers some background to the text, you always edit the shape of the text background by clicking on the “shape” logo. It offers many shapes that you can use. You can see which one you see fit, you can use it easily, or you can even choose to not use any text background. To make your text even pop out, you can use text effects, where you can add shadow, cutout, outline, to name a few. Lastly if you don’t feel like tweaking the text by yourself, you can always use the “style”. Where it gives you a suggestion to a text style that you want to use.

Once you have all the images and the texts in place, you can easily download the image to your device. you will be given three formats. Jpg, Png, and pdf. However, the picture has a watermark from spark adobe and to remove it you have to subscribe to the premium service. This will cost you $ 12 per month. by subscribing to the premium you are not only will be able to remove the watermark but also you can share your image to many other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and email.


  1. Canva

Unlike other sites, Canva goes a step further and gives you professionally created templates that you can use for your memes. There are over a million stock photos available to you. It is a much larger selection than other sites. But you can also upload your own image, add relevant text and then create the meme.

Signing up in Canva is highly recommended, without signing up, you won’t be able to keep and download your work. This online meme maker sign up system is connected to Google and Facebook, so you can sign up easily using your Google and Facebook. However, if you are more comfortable using your personal email. You can always sign up using your personal email. If you do so you will have to reconfirm your email by clicking on the link that they sent you.

Once you are signed in, this online meme maker will give you options of template that you can choose to use such as; presentation, resumes, Instagram post, posters, logo, and many more. Since we are focusing on the meme maker function we will use the Instagram post format.

After you choose your format, you will be directed to the editor page. Within the editor page, you will see many features that you can use on the right side of the editor. But, to start our meme creation, we need to upload our very own picture to this online meme maker. To upload an image, you have to scroll down on the right side of the editor until you find the “upload” button. Click on the button and it will take you to your device, choose the image that you want to upload and upload it. Not only you can upload the image from your own device, but also you can use many of Canva’s stock images. Their stock images are separated into many categories, such as; love, family, books, winter, and many more.

To add the picture that you have uploaded to the workspace, you can go to the upload function and just click on the image that you want to use. Most of the time the image that you upload does not fit the format that we choose in the very beginning. Therefore, it is important to resize the image, so it will fit the format. To resize the image, you can easily bring your cursor to the corner of your image and drag the white dot to the desired place and adjust the image size until you see it fit. Once you see the image fit you can add more pictures, or you can continue to add the text to make the meme more relatable.

Canva has one of the most sophisticated text functions among another online meme maker. Not only you can edit the text, but once you click on the “text” logo, you will be given many choices to choose on what type of text you want to add to the image. Such as; Heading, Subheading, and Body text. In this online meme maker, you can also use the font combinations template. Since we are making a meme, we will use the “Heading” text.

Once you click on the type of text you want, you can edit the text easily. You can type the word within the box, you can resize the word by typing the font number or by dragging the white dot of the text. You can change the font, the color, the spacing, and many more. you can also place the text anywhere you want within the picture, just by dragging the text with your cursor.

After you have your texts and images in place, it’s time to share the meme. Sharing the meme from this online meme maker is pretty simple, just by clicking “download” on the top right corner of the editor page, you can easily download the meme. You will be given two picture formats; PNG and JPG. However, you can only have a low-quality image. If you want to have a high-quality image, you have to subscribe to canva pro, which will cost you around $12.95 per month. by going pro you are not only entitled to a better quality image but also to many exclusives content that Canva has, and you can create a transparent background to add your logo to your work easily.


  1. wondershare

Filmora meme maker is a totally free meme generator without a watermark. Also, you don’t need to sign up or log in first to use it.

Filmora is another editor software that is available in desktop and online, just like adobe. Therefore, Filmora’s home page is fronting most of their product to us. however, to find the meme maker we have to scroll to the very bottom of its home page and click on the meme creator.

Nevertheless, Filmora’s layout is still pretty neat and elegant. It is pretty convincing to show that it is one of the best online meme-makers available in the market.

Once you are on the meme maker page, you will ask to upload the image that you won’t turn into a meme. There are many options that you can choose when you want to upload your image to filmora. First by dragging and dropping the image from your device, secondly by clicking on the upload box and find the image from your device, lastly by using the link that you can paste through the upload box. However, the upload system of this meme maker is not integrated into any social media platform and cloud services.

Once you have selected the image that you want to choose, the online meme maker will instantly ask you to crop the picture that you have, to make it fit your desired size. Though it does not have a strict format to go with. On this page, you can crop, flip, and rotate the image that you have. After you have the picture ready you can click “ok” and continue.

In the editor page, you can choose whether you want to edit the text inside or the text outside like the format of most memes out there. After you choose the format, you can choose the color for the format that fits your needs. Then, type the text on the place you have created.

Once you have typed in the text, you can change the text font within the text option. Within it, you can change the size of the text and you can bold it as well. Furthermore, you can add color to the text as well, to make it more interesting.

After you have your texts and images in place, you can generate the meme easily. Within the last option you can choose the file type of the picture; either, PNG or JPG. And click on “create” to process the meme.

The meme can be downloaded after it is ready. And with this online meme editor, you will see no watermark on your meme, and the quality of the picture is pretty decent, hence filmora is on this list. Though function wise it is not as sophisticated as Canva or Kapwing.


  1. IMGFlip

IMGFlip always comes on top of the search whenever you type in the “Meme maker, Meme maker online, online meme maker, or free meme maker”.

The layout of this online meme creator is very simple. Everything is presented on the home page, the editing, the upload, the template, and many more. Just like some other online meme maker, where they can be an online meme generator and online meme maker.

This online meme maker has many meme templates that you can utilize as a generator, however in this article, our focus is about online meme maker, not online meme generator, hence we will be focusing on tools that would help you create a meme that you need.

The first thing you need to do when you want to make your own meme is uploading your image to the online meme maker. In this online meme maker, the uploading system is not integrated with social media such as Facebook or Instagram nor with cloud services such as google drive or dropbox. You will be given two options to upload your image. First, you can search the file from your device, unfortunately, dragging and dropping the file system is not available in this online meme maker. Secondly, copy and paste the image URL to the upload box. Once you have uploaded the image, IMGFlip will ask you to resize the picture you have, to choose which part of the picture that you would like to use. Once it’s all done, the picture will appear on the editor.

Since this is a meme maker you can add more image to the editor, however, to add an image is not the same as uploading the first image. To add image, you need to click on “add image” above the frame of the image. After you click on it, you will see an option, whether you want the image to be in the picture or you want the image to be below the image. There are many placing that you can use, such as; Below the picture, Above the image, on the left, and on the right. You can either upload it or you can choose the meme templates that this online meme maker has provided.

After you have all the images in place. you can start adding text in the desired place. in this online meme maker, by default, you will be given two textboxes; top text and bottom text. You can always add more text by clicking “More Options” and click on “Add text box”.  You can always add as many texts as you want. To add the text to the editor, you need to type the texts that you want to be inside your meme. After you have all the text that you desire, you can always adjust the placing of the text by dragging the text to the place you desire. Moreover, by clicking on the setting button on the text box, you can always adjust the font of the text, the size, alignment, shadow, and outline width of the text. However, the color of the text is very limited to black and white only. Since it is a meme, we found that is not a big issue.

You have your image in place, you have your text in place, which means your meme is ready. The final step that you need to do is to share the meme that you have made. After you are all done with the creating process. You just need to click on the “generate” button. Once it is generated, you will have the picture ready. However, you are not allowed to download the image to your device, but you are allowed to share the meme through social media and email. Another issue that we found is not pretty ideal is the watermark. Though IMGFlip watermark is considerably small, however, it is still a watermark.

To remove the watermark, this online meme creator has prepared a premium service, where you can remove the watermark and less advertisement on the page of the web. This will only cost you $ 3.95 per month. we consider this pretty cheap compared to any other online meme maker in this list, If you are serious about creating more meme, we do think this is worth the investment.


There you have it, Top 6 best online meme maker available in the market. There are many variations of online meme makers,  some of which share the same features as the best picture editor. It really depends on your needs. If you are into detail creating, we believe Canva, Spark Adobe,  and Kapwing is what you need to use. However, if you are more into the big picture and quick result, we believe that IMGFlip, Filmora, and IloveIMG is what’s best for you. We do not rank the list based on its performance, we made the list based on its functionality.  One more word, if you are looking for a versatile meme or picture editor that is able to edit video and audio as well, then the rising star VideoCruise will be your first choice. It is considered a feature-rich video editor designed to edit and polish video, audio, and image to perfection.

At the end of the day, you will choose, what is best for your needs. and our job here is to only share some recommendations that would help you filter the overwhelming choices that you can find on the internet.

The bulk of internet memes will continue to be humor and shock-value curiosities, as these grab people’s attention more quickly than deeper meme content. But as users become more sophisticated in their thinking, expect memes to become progressively more intellectual and philosophical while referencing less-sophisticated pop-culture icons. Which gives you room to be more creative in creating a meme.

By using an online meme maker, you have the ability to create your own memes whenever you want. All you need is a source image and your idea for the text. Within minutes, the online meme maker you are using will have your meme ready to download. Then you can share it with friends and save it on all your devices. And the best part is that you can do all of this with a meme maker online that is completely free!

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