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Top 5 Lightroom Alternative Tools Review 2022

Be it a professional photographer, a graphic designer, or just a random person; anyone can be faced with the task of removing background from an image. Often, we remove background from pictures if there is any form of distortion in them. Hence, the professionals tend to make use of tools like Photoshop Lightroom for their editing. However, using a tool like Lightroom is too technical for everyone else because of its long learning curve and difficulty even making use of it. Thus, to remove background from image without stress and difficulty, some tools serve as Lightroom alternative.

BGremover – best AI Lightroom alternative

Price: Free trial and paid (Basic $9.99/mo, Pro $19.99/mo, Pay as you go $24.99)

Lightroom alternative_BGremover

This is the best lightroom alternative tool, and it allows you access to optimal performance devoid of stress. As an auto background remover, it removes background from images online with just a click. Powered by AI technology, it offers smooth, accurate, and quality background removal by focusing on the subject on the image. Also, it has customizable and affordable plans for all users, depending on your needs.


  • Free to download preview images
  • Effective background removal
  • Great quality image cutting


  • No batch processing


Price: Free and paid (9.99$/mo)

 lightroom alternative_befunky

BeFunky is another lightroom alternative that can be used for your background removal projects. It automates the process of removing background from images, photos, and portraits with just one click. It is built to identify the subjects on an image and automatically remove background around them. With Befunky, you can erase the image background and insert another one or simply replace it with solid colors. You can also isolate the subject by blurring the background.


  • One-click background remover
  • AI-powered to focus on subjects
  • Easy to use


  • Difficulty reading multiple subjects on an image
  • Mixed customer review on inactive customer support


Price: Free and paid plans (starts at 8.99$/mo)

lightroom alternative_fotor

This free alternative to lightroom promises to get your images ready within seconds of use.  Being an AI-powered tool, it can automatically detect subjects on the photos. Also, it automatically cuts clear, smooth, and neat edges for the subjects before creating the transparent or white background to give the utmost picture quality for your needs. In addition, it has varieties of business templates for graphics design.


  • It is AI-powered
  • It is fast and easy to use


  • Not easy to navigate the plans
  • Limited features on the free plan


Price: Free

lightroom alternative_fococlipping

Fococlipping is a lightroom alternative that offers a background eraser for free and is definitely one of the best. Boasting of an advanced auto-AI feature can be used to remove background in less than 3 seconds. Also, it provides batch processing of up to 30images at a time. FocoClipping provides web API, mobile SDK, customized software plugins, and other hardware solutions for 3rd party websites with a customized API solution. As a free tool, this is the best lightroom alternative tool for all users.


  • Free to use
  • Super-quality results


  • Inconsistent in quality with batch processing


Price: Free

lightroom alternative_lunapic

Lunapic has a little overwhelming traditional interface but leaves the old vibes it gives, and it offers some very nice features as a background remover lightroom alternative. Though it is not auto-remover powered, the tools needed for removing the image background are all simple and easy to use. Another benefit of using this tool is that you can edit the image for better quality and print images directly.


  • Good editing tool
  • Easy to use


  • Old interface
  • Manual editing


1. Is there a free version of Lightroom?

Yes! There is a free version for Lightroom. The free version can last for seven days while offering all the total package features without lags. But you have to sign up to the adobe cloud before using the free version of Lightroom. Most importantly, you can cancel your card before the 7th day to avoid charging the total package.

2. Is Lightroom good for beginners?

Lightroom is not advisable for beginners due to the learning curve involved in its mastery.  It is more suited for tech-savvies and graphic designers. However, it is also easy to learn should you be interested. However, if your need is just to remove background images, using lightroom alternatives like BGRemover will be more than enough.


From this post, it is evident that tools could serve as lightroom’s best alternatives without breaking the bank or engaging in tedious learning. All that is required of you is to select the right tools, and within a few seconds, you should be removing backgrounds from your images.

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