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This AI Helps You Restore Damaged Pictures

Old photos are essential to connecting us to the past since 1839 when the first photographs were printed by Henry Talbot. Despite the unstoppable trend of sharing photos on social media, sitting together with your families and going through old photos are and will never be out-dated. However, printed photos are too delicate to avoid scratches, fractures, stains and etc. So are damaged our valuable memories and moments in history. With a longing for old photo restoration, I have tried many ways and finally found a very useful one in Vance AI.

What is Vance AI Photo Restorer?

Vance AI Photo Restorer is a newly released AI solution by Vance AI. It bills itself as a way to remove scratches, fractures, spots, and beyond from old photos. Yet, only by such functions cannot make it stand out. What really impresses me is that it integrates several features to help can also make other important enhancements to my old photos and bring life to them.

Features of Vance AI Photo Restorer

1. Restore and repair old pictures online

First of all, I have to say that it is really helpful to restore and repair old pictures online. Sending our old photos to a studio used to be the top choice to repair old photos. However, it is not just time-consuming but also too expensive. Online tools like Vance AI Photo Restorer perfectly fix that problem.

2. Sharpen colors in old pictures

It is somewhat inevitable to have the color on printed photos fading as time goes by. Color restoration is therefore an important process when repair old pictures. By using deep learning, Vance AI Photo Restorer can automatically sharpen the colors in old pictures to make them look like new shots.

3. Enhance faces in old pictures

With AI, this photo restorer can automatically recognize the faces in old photos and enhance them by a smart analysis as we can see below.

Vance AI Restorer Portrait

How to restore a picture with Vance AI?

Step 1: Upload image

Go to the website of Vance AI and choose AI Photo Restorer from the drop-down list from the “AI Solution”. Then, click on “Upload Image” to drop your old photo in.

Vance AI Restorer UI

Step 2: Start to process

After uploading your image, you don’t have to make any configuration but click the “Start to Process” button to go through old photo restoration.

Vance AI Restorer Process

Step 3: Download the results

After a few seconds, you’ll see your restored photo on the “Processed” page. You may preview it before downloading.

Vance AI Restorer Download

Performance of Vance AI Photo Restorer

Here, I’ll show some old photos restored by this online tool.

Below are some examples of Photo Repair. Before (left) and after Photo Repair (right). Creases and stains have disappeared! Photo credit to Annie Spratt on

Vance AI Restorer


Vance AI Restorer

We may also add some color to this photo by Vance AI’s image colorizer to bring life to the photos.

Vance AI Restorer Colorizer

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It is a nice try to restore old photos by using Vance AI Photo Restorer. Although sometimes the photos may only go through a rough restoration without manual adjustment, AI is still the best alternative we can have today to the traditional old photo restoration studio. Also read: Best 10 Photo Restoration Software & Online Tools Review.


1. How to fix a scratched picture?

To fix a scratched picture requires patience to make up the missed scratching part which always has a ragged edge.  Usually, we can send the photo to professionals, which would cost a lot. In this case, we can use an AI online tool to help us automatically restore photograph.

2. When do I need old picture restoration software?

As long as you want to repair old pictures with scratches, fractures, spots, or other problems, you may use old picture restoration software to help you remove them. With such software, you can easily restore photograph online all by yourself.

3. When do I need a picture restore app?

If you want to have your old photos roughly repaired on portable devices, you may use a picture restore app or some web-based online tool to help you. They are generally 100% automatic and don’t require any complicated techniques.


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