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How to sign a PDF without Adobe Acrobat?

As we grow as humans, so does the unending need to append signatures on documents increase. We have so many documents to sign! And with the increasingly saturating digital trend, we are most likely to receive some of these documents in digital form, usually as pdfs. Imagine you’ve been emailed a 50-page document to sign. While you could print the document, append your signature and have it sent back, it is an unnecessary waste of resources. Why go through the strenuous process when you could just append an e-signature on the pdf document? Thus, this article covers the basics you need to understand on how to sign a pdf.

How to electronically sign a pdf with Adobe Acrobat?

Considering the range of features embedded therein, Adobe Acrobat has always been the go-to app for everything pdf-related, ranging from viewing, e-signature to editing and manipulating. Nothing is impossible on a pdf, as long as you use Acrobat. If you find the app fascinating, Here’s how to sign a pdf using acrobat.

Step1: Open the pdf you want to sign and select the blue pen icon at the bottom right corner.

eSign with Adobe step 1

Step 2: Select the fill and sign icon.

eSign with Adobe step 2

Step 3: Pick the icon resembling a fountain pen and tap on “create signatures”

eSign with Adobe step 3

Step 4: After creating your signature, tap “done” and you’re through with the entire process.

How to digitally sign a pdf without Adobe acrobat?

While Adobe Acrobat is arguably at the forefront of the pdf editing ecosystem, of course, some other options could still offer you what it does. Although some of these apps are operating state-specific, you can still find general options irrespective of your device. If you are looking for how to sign a pdf on mac, PdfExpert may suit you best. Or perhaps, suppose you are seeking how to digitally sign a pdf on a range of devices, then the Smallpdf and LuminPdf align with your preferences. With features and functionality at the core of their offerings, you can expect optimum experiences.

How to sign a pdf document with PDF Expert?

PDFExpert is the go-to pdf writer for Mac users, enabling you to easily append e-signatures, texts, links, and even images.

Step 1: Open the pdf and choose annotate

eSign with PDFexpert step 1

Step 2: Click the signature icon, add your signature and save

Step 3: Open the document and click where you want the signature

Step 4: Tap to select the saved signature.

eSign with PDFexpert step 4

How to esign a pdf with Smallpdf?

Smallpdf is another highly functional app, enabling you to add e-signatures with options to invite others to sign within its online app.

Step 1:Open the e-sign tool and select “sign a document”

Step 2: Drag and drop the pdf into the toolbox

eSign with Smallpdfstep 2

Step 3: Select Place Signature to create your e-signatures

eSign with Smallpdf step 3-1

eSign with Smallpdf step 3-2

Step 4: Hit finish

How to sign pdf with Lumin PDF?

Lumin PDF is a cloud-based option, offering you the freedom to do almost anything with your pdf file all within a web-based dashboard.

Step 1: Select the signature icon

Step 2: Click Type and select a style and a font

eSign with Luminpdf step 2

Step 3: Click save

For ready-made signature

  • Click signature icon
  • Upload image (Less than 2.5MB)

eSign with Luminpdf for readymade signature

  • Save


Having explored the viable options and how to sign a pdf document with them, needless to say, that now, you don’t have to go through the strenuous process of printing and scanning documents before appending your signatures. With simple e-signatures, you can now easily sign your pdf seamlessly and quickly.


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