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How to Depixelate Image with Best 10 Tools

To depixelate image is to basically clear out an image by getting rid of unwanted image noise, blur, or any other issues that affect image quality. Considering the amount of tools available, you can depixelate image is multiple ways, such as to depixelate image online, through a downloaded software application, and more. We will go through ten great tools that you can use immediately to unpixelate image.

Top 10 Tools to Depixelate Image without Photoshop

1. AI Super HD – VanceAI

Price: VanceAI provides 3 image credits for free.

The AI Super HD is a premade algorithm provided by the image enhancer application of VanceAI. This algorithm has a set of specific image processing commands given beforehand which all work together and focus on a single task. In the case of AI Super HD, it focuses on enhancing every aspect of an image, such as sharpness, removing imperfections, increasing resolutions, etc. You can get pixelated images cleared and make photo HD with just a few clicks.

How to depixelate an image with VanceAI?

1. Use the link given for the photo enhancer and scroll down to choose the AI Super HD option as shown below.

depixelate image

2. Use the box to upload an image or drop an image onto it. Click on Start to Process.

3. Go to Processed > Preview on the right of the image > Download Image in order to save the image.

2. VanceAI Image Sharpener

Price: You will get 3 image credits for free.

depixelate image

You can unpixelate photos with just a few clicks through the tool. Compared to AI Super HD, the AI Image Sharpener is instead a stand-alone feature and not an algorithm. You can unblur image online in a matter of seconds using this tool thanks to the AI and Deep Learning technologies it possesses.

How to unpixelate a picture with VanceAI Image Sharpener?

1. Use the link to get to the website if you want to know how to make a blurry picture clear online. Click on Upload Image.

2. Use the upload box and then select the Start to Process option.

3. Under the Processed tab, click on Preview to view your output. Below that, use the Download Image to save the image.

Follow these steps to unblur image with any tool.

You may also be interested in How to Unblur Image Online with VanceAI Image Sharpener.

3. PineTools

Price: You can depixelate image online for free with this online application.

PineTools is a convenient online image editing tool for enhancing image quality. You do not even need to think about how to unpixelate a picture because the website is designed to be really simple. All you need to do is click on the Upload button and select the image. The application offers some settings for users such as the enhancement intensity and size of the mask.

depixelate image

How to depixelate an image with Pinetools?

1. Use the link given and access the website.

2. Click on the Choose File button and select an image.

3. Click on Sharpen and then download the image.

4. LunaPic

Price: You can depixelate image online for free with this tool.

LunaPic is a popular online image editing application that not only enhances your photos but also provides you with a wide range of editing tools that you can directly use from the website’s editor. For experienced users, this tool offers an experience akin to software applications like Photoshop. Apart from that, LunaPic can also depixelate image with high quality.

depixelate image

How to depixelate an image with Lunapic?

1. Use the link to directly access the tool.

2. Use the Choose File upload button to select an image for upload.

3. Scroll down and download the image after processing.

5. LetsEnhance

Price: This is a paid application but you can still use it for free for a while.

LetsEnhance is a solid online image processing and editing application that can offer or produce stunning results with its AI based technology. Additionally, it has some variety as well, since it can upscale images, enhance them, offer color correction, and more. Other than that, it also has an API version, should you require it.

depixelate image

How to unpixelate a picture with Lets Enhance?

Once you get to the website, click on Try for Free and login from your account using Google or Facebook.

Upload the image by using the option.

After the image is processed, download it into your device.


Price: The online tool is free to use for a limited amount of uses.

This is another application similar to VanceAI and LetEnhance that utilizes Deep Learning technologies to produce higher quality images. As for the design, the application does not offer much when it comes to manual settings but you can still upload an image and get results pretty quickly. You can also unblur images, remove artifacts, etc. with this tool.

depixelate image

How to unpixelate a picture with ImageUpscaler?

You can start by using the link given and clicking on the upload button.

You will be redirected to the upload page where you can use the Choose File to upload the image.

Click on Upscale Image and download the image after it is processed.

7. BigJPG

Price: You can depixelate image with this tool for free.

A unique aspect of this tool like VanceAI is that it not only offers an online version of the tool but also a software version. You can download the software version of Windows, Android, and Mac as well. This application can depixelate image better when the images are animated or resemble anime. However, the tool is still capable of enhancing normal images as well.

depixelate image

How to unpixelate a picture with Bigjpg?

1. Use the link and get to the website. You can login if you have an account.

2. Click on the Select Images button and select an image.

3. The tool will display the output within a few seconds. Use the download option to save the image into your device.

8. Imglarger

Price: You get 8 free image credits and after that you will need to purchase any of the paid plans starting from $9/mo.

Users get a bit of flexibility when it comes to the kind of images that they can upload to depixelate image. Moreover, this application has been around for a while and offers multiple AI based image processing features. It can remove background, sharpen image, enhance portraits and facial details, and more.

depixelate image

How to depixelate an image with Imglarger?

1. Once you get to the website, you can go ahead and click on the upload image box or drop an image onto it.

2. The tool will process the image and display output in a short time.

3. Use the download button to save the image.


Price: GIMP is a free as well as open source software application to depixelate image.

GIMP is one of the oldest and most sophisticated image editing software tools available. It is also an open source tool with open support for many third party plugins that improve the tool in different ways. With this tool, you can edit images, enhance them, and also create brand new artworks using just the base library features.

depixelate image

How to depixelate an image with GIMP?

1. Use the link to access the website and download the setup. Install it by running the setup on your device.

2. Launch the tool and open the image. Use the Scale Image option and change settings as per your preference.

depixelate image

3. Finally, use the File tab and save the project.

10. Fotor

Price: You can depixelate image free of cost with a free trial or payment.

While Fotor does have its enhanced features behind a paywall, the majority of its features that are fundamental for image editing are available for free. This is a huge reason for its popularity and reliability. Users can easily make use of this application due to its UI design geared towards convenience. It can also enhance images in a high quality manner similar to other AI based tools.

depixelate image

How to depixelate an image with Fotor?

1. Use the Edit a Photo option and start a free trial by using the Free Trial option. Create a free account.

2. Go to Filters on the left and use the One-Tap Enhance feature. Use the settings according to your preferences.

3. Use the Export feature on top to download your work with a single click.

How to depixelate an image in Photoshop?

Let’s see how to unpixelate a picture by using Photoshop software.

1. If you don’t have Photoshop, use the link above and get the free trial. Download the setup and install the application on your computer.

depixelate image

2. Launch the software application, open the image using the File menu, and go to the Image tab on top. Drag the cursor to Adjustments > Hue and Saturation. Use the settings to adjust the image.

depixelate image

3. Simply save your project and the image.


You can get rid of pixelated pictures with relative ease thanks to applications such as the ones mentioned in this list. Even Photoshop, as far as enhancement of images is concerned, is fairly easy to use. Apart from that, many of these applications, such as VanceAI and LunaPic, offer much more than just image enhancement. If you are someone who prefers to get automatic results on a bunch of images at once, consider VanceAI. If it’s manual editing you prefer, then Photoshop can provide many options. Either way, you can rely on these tools anytime if you want to depixelate image and more. Also read: Top 10 Photo Sharpening Software Review.


1. How to depixelate image online?

When you are using an online image editor like VanceAI or Imglarger, you can skip a lot of steps that are usually necessary and quickly skip to results. You can use the link given for those tools and upload an image there. The tools will process and display outputs in just a few seconds, after which, you can download them.

2. What is the best tool to unpixelate image?

Applications which have really good AI and Deep Learning based systems usually have the upper hand when it comes to such tasks. In this case, VanceAI has a really great AI based design that not only reflects in the performance but also in user experience. However, if you have really minute details that you want to touch upon, then Photoshop is the ideal choice.

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