How to Download Videos from StayhomeHub for Free?

As the COVID-19 crisis happens, a great number of enterprises have changed their logo or title of website to encourage people to stay at home. The “world’s leading free porn site” has also temporarily changed the title of its website to “Stayhomehub” as it stimulates people to isolate.

#StayHomeHub Initiative

#StayHomeHub initiative is still available worldwide now. Free pornhub premium service is extended to April 23rd since COVID-19 continues to impact us. The free premium service is offered to encourage people to continue to isolate amid coronavirus fears. It was first offered to viewers in Italy, France, and Spain. Those countries are among the worst hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

StayhomeHub usually charges $9.99 per month or $7.99 a month for a 12-month subscription. The premium package offers no ads, faster streaming, and better video quality. But in case you prefer to download videos from StayhomeHub for offline watching, here we give you three methods to do that.

1. (Online)

Price: Free

Compatibility: Available on all platforms can serve as a good StayhomeHub Downloader. It can help you easily convert  StayhomeHub to MP4. Additionally, high-quality videos are always available to download in its original quality. You are also allowed to choose resolution and format for optimized output.

The most amazing thing is that this StayhomeHub Downloader is totally free and without any limitations. No limit to the number of the video that you can download. You don’t need to register. No ads. You can download videos as many as possible.


How to Use

  • Copy and paste a video URL in the input box
  • Choose a format
  • Click Convert To
  • Choose a profile from the listed options
  • Click Download


  • Totally free
  • Easy to use
  • Quick speed
  • No ads
  • No limit to file size and number
  • Support high-quality video download
  • Able to choose resolution and format

2. Vidus YouTube Downloader (Desktop)

Price: $18.90/year  $29.9/lifetime

Compatibility: Windows (Mac is coming)

Vidus YouTube Downloader integrates with 1000+ popular sites, including StayhomeHub. It allows you to instantly catch HD videos you want to download. With this fast StayhomeHub downloader, you can stay at home and immerse yourself in HD and UHD videos from StayhomeHub. You can enjoy the fast and stable download service and download flawless HD videos in seconds.

Furthermore, with built-in search website, you can easily find StayhomeHub website and directly download StayhomeHub videos in this software. It also allows you to save the whole playlist with one-click. Just paste the URL of a playlist or directly open a playlist in this StayhomeHub downloader and click “Download” to save the entire playlist.

A free version is available for you to have a try. But there are some limitations. It only supports video downloads from YouTube. Under a free plan, you can subscribe to YouTube channels and auto download new videos. But you are only allowed to download one playlist for trial. The multi-task download is not enabled and neither is UHD video download.



How to Use

  • Paste video URLs or browse online videos with built-in search
  • Click “Download”
  • Choose format, resolution, storage
  • Click “Download” to directly save to your device


  • Intuitive interface
  • Playlist and batch download
  • Choose resolutions


  • Limited choice of output formats

3. PornBus – Mobile APP

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android

PornBus is a mobile app specifically designed for StayhomeHub video download. It is quite easy to use and totally free of charge. This StayhomeHub Downloader supports a variety of video sites and you can check its list for details. Just like the preview products, you can choose resolution and format to get a more customized output. It is no doubt that you are always allowed to download videos in its original quality whether they are HD or UHD videos.

PornBus is totally free of charge but it enjoys some excellent features. With a built-in search engine, you can browse videos through this app and no need to open another browser to copy a video URL. Additionally, a built-in player enables you to watch StayhomeHub videos online or play saved videos directly.

Note: After installing, every user can only download 5 videos on a daily basis. If you want to download more videos every day, there are 3 methods to increase your daily downloads.

  1. Log in via Google or Facebook account to increase your daily video downloads from 5 to 10.
  2. Finish daily tasks. For example, browsing web pages on this app every 15 seconds will allow you to download one more that day. The daily upper limit is 10 downloads in total.
  3. Invite friends with your own invitation code to increase your daily downloads.

free pornhub premium

How to Use

  • Click settings to set a default resolution and format
  • Open a video from this program
  • Click the download icon
  • Check the downloading & downloaded files


  • Totally free of charge
  • Easy to use
  • Choice of resolution and format
  • Easily browse and watch online videos
  • High-quality video download is allowed
  • Recommended hot videos
  • Able to play saved videos
  • Easily manage saved files


Since Vidus YouTube Downloader has both paid and free versions, we compare its free version to the other two products to ensure fairness. If you prefer some features that are only available to the paid version, like batch download, you can just skip this part and have a purchase.

Easy to useUse for freeLimitsTurbo-speedHigh-qualityChoose profileBuilt-in searchBuilt-in playerCompatibility××××
Vidus YouTube Downloader×


All in all, what we want is to provide a more convenient way for you to enjoy your videos better and also to encourage people to stay at home during such a period. Just like a post said, “We have always been a global community, hosting models from every corner of the world. So when a global human crisis happens, it is up to everyone to work together to help support the community, and that includes us too!”

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