Best 4 Software to Copy DVD on Windows 10

Summary: Even though DVDs are constantly falling behind media, it doesn’t mean they are gone. In fact, many people still prefer using DVDs to save their memories. But DVDs are super easy to be scratched. Therefore, copying DVDs is also an important thing in life. Here are the top 5 DVD copy software helping you copy DVD to windows 10.

YouTube to MP4 Converter has become very popular. Thus, many people think that DVDs have fallen behind the streaming media and are constantly be abandoned by users. But do they? Well, the truth is there is still a huge chunk of users that prefer sticking to the traditional media. They may have a large collection of discs and are not ready to get rid of them. Or they have kept many DVD movies that are not available on the media. Whatever the reason is, if you are also a DVD keeper, you must have a DVD copy software in your hand.

Why A DVD Copy Software Is Needed?

Why did we say DVD copy software is needed? There are a lot of reasons behind this. The most essential reasons are below:

  • DVDs are super easy to get scratched or damaged, or even broken which renders them useless.
  • The money you spent on DVDs can be expensive and sometimes irreplaceable. Thus, these DVDs must be kept from being stolen or lost.
  • It is highly possible that one of your DVDs may be lost. It’s not just a DVD but also a part of your memories.

Considering all these reasons, you must eager to know how to copy a DVD right now. But before that, you’d better know how to select the best DVD copy software.

How to Choose the Best DVD Copy Software?

There is no shortage of DVD copy software, but some of them can be extremely expensive and some of them don’t provide DVD copy service as they have claimed. As ever, there is plenty of paid or free DVD copy software to choose from, but you need to know how to get the right tool for the job. Here are some tips for choosing a great DVD burner software.

  • The first factor you may consider is that this DVD copy software must be easily used to copy DVDs to your hard drive, for both beginners and experts.
  • The second factor is whether this DVD copy software can meet all your needs. For instance, as the best DVD copy software, it should have the capability to copy your DVDs losslessly.
  • The third one is if this best DVD copy software offers a DVD copy service of copying protected DVDs with advanced high decryption technology.
  • In addition, the DVD copy speed is also a valuable factor you should take into consideration. After all, a long DVD burning time can be irritable sometimes.

Hoping all these factors can help you make a judgment whether a DVD copy software is good or not.


Best 4 Software to Copy DVD on Window 10

In this section, we will be introducing the best paid/ free DVD copy software, trying to ensure that you can have the maximum choice when you want to explore how to copy a DVD.

  • DVDFab DVD Copy
  • DVD Cloner
  • WinX DVD Copy Pro
  • 123 DVD Copy


1. DVDFab DVD Copy

  • Price: $54.9

Here we would highly recommend this DVD Copy by DVDFab, one of the best free DVD copy software that is widely accepted. The biggest reason for us to recommend it is this DVD copy program is certainly making sure that all users’ needs are met by providing many features. Here are some amazing features that you can opt for.

  • well-designed and friendly interface for novice
  • three versions – full trial, free, and paid version – are offered by this DVD copy program
  • 6 copy modes, including Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split, and Customize
  • capable to copy DVD to hard drive as an iSO image file or DVD file folder
  • clone DVD with 1:1 ratio to get lossless output
  • copy DVD on Windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • also available to copy DVD on Mac

dvdfab dvd copy

Note: You can copy protected DVD with the help of DVDFab Cinavia Removal (sold separately) to achieve permanent removal of DVD copy protection so that you can make DVD copies free.


Nothin is perfect. The only downside that should be noted is that you may need to take a while to figure out how to copy a DVD with this best free DVD copy software due to a bunch of features it has.


2. DVD Cloner

  • Price: $59.99

If you are looking at how to copy a DVD, then this software is something you will not miss. DVD Cloners has been consistently working well whenever comes to copying DVD on window 10. It has two main interface modes which are Expert and Express. With the Expert mode, you can utilize many options to make DVD copies you prefer, without going through any issue thanks to how easy it is. And with the Express mode, you can enjoy the entire process of ripping, copying, and burning new-released commercial DVD movies. This DVD copy software is versatile and easy-to-use. More features of it are listed below.

  • start copying a DVD in less than a minute
  • offer many customization options to customize your DVD
  • copying DVD to iSO file is available
  • great decryption features
  • quite easy to be understood

dvd cloner

Note: If you are looking for a DVD copy software for Mac, DVD Cloner has a version named DVD Cloner for Mac for you.


While offering good DVD copy service, this DVD copy software also brings along some disadvantages. For example, its price is a little bit higher than the average ones, yet it needs more time than the average to burn a new disc. And minimal quality loss may be caused during the DVD copy process.


3. WinX DVD Copy Pro

  • Price: $59.95

WinX DVD Copy Pro can on your list when it comes to copying DVDs on windows 10. As an expert DVD copier, this software mainly focuses on how to copy a DVD without any quality loss. It is more powerful than YouTube to MP4 Converter. It is available to copy DVDs to iSO image, or to blank writable DVD disc, and DVD folder at 1:1 ration. Even better, users can choose to copy DVD main title, chapter, or extract DVD video track to a single MPEG 2 file for storage on a hard drive. Its concise interface can clearly show users how to achieve DVD copy even without any tutorial. During the DVD copy process, you may find many encryption options presented on the interface. With these options, you are capable of removing DVD copy protections. In addition to these basic features, it has offered more for users.

  • support almost all DVD types, even the latest one
  • 9 copy modes
  • navigational interface
  • no quality loss during DVD copying time

winx dvd copy pro


The most frustrating thing about this best DVD copy software is that no copy DVD mac version for users, which means if you want to copy DVDs on mac you may need to pay extra money to buy another software. Another annoying thing is you have to constantly update it to upgrade its paid version.


4. 123 Copy DVD

  • Price: $29.99

As its name suggests, this free download DVD copy software is all about offering DVD copy service for you. But it is more than that as it is a versatile DVD tool offering DVD burner and editor functions. As a DVD copier, it is able to copy DVD to DVD with 1:1 ratio, clone CDs and achieve data to compatible output as well. More importantly, it can help users create a personalized DVD by removing ads, trailers or other stuff. As an editor, this DVD copy software is built in an internet video downloader and DVD video builder which means you can burn downloaded movies to DVD. Besides, the 123 Copy DVD is quite straightforward as all of its function buttons are well organized. You can tap and find any desired function button effortlessly.

  • able to copy scratch DVDs
  • comes with a converter and downloader
  • great for ripping and burning Blu-ray discs
  • create photos and slideshows on disc

123 DVD copy


Though working well on copying DVD on windows 10, this DVD copy software is unable to copy DVD on Mac. In addition, if you want to try Blu-ray functions, you have to pay for that.


Other Questions You May Want To Solve

Question 1: How to convert VHS to DVD?

VHS, shorted for Video Home System, is gradually disappearing from our life. If you are still preserving VHS and intended to convert VHS to DVD, you can achieve it by using a converter. Try VHS to DVD converter software of Roxio.


Question 2: How to copy a DVD to a flash drive?

The reason why copying DVDs to a flash drive is USB is the best device to store all your favorite data when you have a long journey and bring DVD movies will be great trouble. There is a method to copy a DVD to a flash drive directly with your own computer.

First, insert your to-be-copied DVD to your computer and prepare it as ISO files or DVD folder.

Second, plug your USB to this computer

Third, select a DVD folder and then right-click to choose the “Copy” option. With these three simple steps, you can copy a DVD to a flash drive directly and easily.


Bottom Line

Finding the best DVD copy software among a cluster of DVD copy software is certainly not an easy task. But now the good thing is that we have weeded through the best 4 DVD copy software according to some test and users’ review. Taking all the factors into consideration, we still highly suggest users who hope to have a joyful DVD copy process to try DVDFab DVD Copy. You will be hooked by it as it has a lot more powerful features than popular YouTube to MP3 Converter. And if you want to learn how to operate it to make DVD copies on win/mac, you can click here to grab more.

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